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Average Digital is a digital studio that has, until recently, focused on work we've gotten outsourced. While doing that, we saw a clear trend among webshop owners. They were all having the same problem, without knowing about it. They're only able to use a limited number of distributors due to manual data inputs and difficulties scaling up.


The webshop owners can't keep up with files from distributors due to the input bottlenecks and run into issues with pricing and drop shipping. They're also not able to compare prices between the distributors, therefore risking smaller profit margins.


The main issue is that the files update and gets sent 24/7, in different formats, creating bottlenecks when they stack. This makes it hard to keep track of inventory and even more difficult to scale up without costs increasing faster than profit margins.

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We at Average Digital know that up to date and correct data is essential for maximum ROI and started working on a solution. Something that would automatically inject data into databases, as soon as it's sent over, while always doing it correct in one unified format.


FX, File eXchange, was born and got this website dedicated to it. We've developed a middleman between your database and your distributors. FX runs maintenance free in the cloud and requires no manual work from your end. Data is auto injected into your database, no matter the number of distributors, or the size of your database.


Lacking maintenance, this therefore gets rid of all bottlenecks, improving data accuracy. Cost for scaling up the number of distributors become more linear. All while the lack of manual inputs minimizes the number of errors in the database.

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